Bad news.

Aug. 21st, 2006 03:45 pm
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Latest update. At the 11th hour, publication of my book has been withdrawn due to contractual issues. I cannot elaborate on this, so don't ask.

Publication at a future date has not been ruled out, but as of now, the book isn't happening.

My apologies to those who were awaiting this book, and my thanks to those who offered their support.


Jul. 30th, 2006 03:02 pm
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For anyone still watching this space ...

... for info about the book, including shiny pretty cover art.

FYI ...

Apr. 9th, 2006 04:34 pm
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For those who care or are interested, book related info is behind the cut. Everyone else, feel free to ignore.

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Some of you may have noticed a small break in proceedings. There are reasons for this. The fact that I am something of a computer dunce is one of them. The fact that I am preoccupied with another project is another. That being the case, I anticipate a decrease in what work I post here. For now, I make this rather modest offering, because quite frankly I've got nothing else to do with it than put it here.

We now return you to your regular transmission.

Title: Spin. Because it just IS.
Summary: The boys are skiving off. Just for larks.
Rating: Harmless.
Feedback: Sure.

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Another random excursion.

Title: Borrowed Glory
Rating: harmless.
Summary: Alexandros wants some of his own.
Feedback: Go ahead.

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Well, the whole point of this journal was for me to keep all my scribblings in one place. So this can go here as well. It's just me, mucking around.

Title: A Worthy Foe
Rating: G. Perfectly work safe.
Summary: Darius wonders who his enemy is.
Feedback: Yep.

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This is nothing, just an isolated scribble as much for myself as anything else. Doesn't relate to anything much, but here it is anyway.

Title: A Man's Best Friend
Summary: Sometimes friends need help.
Feedback: If you like.

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This story is an act of both faith and outright defiance. Not having been able to write anything worth a damn for the past few weeks (or ever, in some people's opinions I'd wager), this is my attempt to WRITE. SOMETHING. DAMMIT. As a result it's a little weird and a little stilted in places, but at least it is something. I count it as a moral victory, at least.

Title: Comfort From the Cold
Summary: Dreams, memories and wishful thinking?
Feedback: Certainly. Hit me.

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This was written in about an hour several months ago. I don't like it much, but that's just me. In any case, it belongs here too. I can't remember where it was posted before, but apologies to those who have already seen it.

Title: A Wish Come True
Summary: Bagoas learns the hard way to be careful what he wishes for.
Feedback: Yeah, sure.

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More smut. No fancy explanations, just smut. Pretty tame, though.

Title: What A Man's Got To Do
Summary: Hephaistion's wedding night. Because sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do.
Rating: You saw the bit that said SMUT, right?
Feedback: feel free.

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Nov. 10th, 2004 03:13 am
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Right. This is me, writing smut. It doesn't happen often. Probably a good thing.

Title: A New Trick
Summary: Alexandros has a new trick.
Rating: Well, I did say it was smut, so no kiddies, huh?
Feedback: Yep, sure.

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This is something that came from that "Rain" story I wrote a few weeks back. It's been hanging around since then bugging me to write it, so I did. It may be different from the conventional view of events, but hey, like I've said before - that's fiction for you.

Title: The Breaking
Summary: Pausanias seeks justice from his king.
Feedback: feel free.

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A response to a challenge issued at [ profile] atgstories. It's still rough around the edges, and it will no doubt undergo some changes in the future - I have already tweaked it up a little, but we all know these things have a life of their own. For now though, this is what I've got. Feel free to check it out.

Title: The Gift
Summary: Aristotle catches Alexandros up past his bedtime.
Feedback: Yeah. I can take it.

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This belongs here too. A very short piece writen a few months back, it's my own version of Hephaistion's reaction to the advent of Bagoas.

Title: Conquest
Summary: Alexandros and Hephaistion discuss Darius' boy.
Rating: Oh, for hell's sake, I'm not doing a rating. We're all grown ups.
Feedback: feel free.

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This story was a response to a challenge from Nicky (again!) and it did not, in the end, turn out the way I expected. I'm not sure if I like it or not, but I wrote it so I'll own it.

PS. That story about Thais hinted at previously? Haven't forgotten. Just letting it stew over.

Title: Let It Rain
Summary: Rain, thoughts and memories.
Feedback: Useful.

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I actually don't think it went this way, but this is just me messing around with things.

Title: The Promise
Summary: At Ecbatana Hephaistion falls ill. I suppose that could be kind of a warning too, though I don't think it merits one.
Feedback: Certainly. Could be useful.

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In the interests of keeping everything in one place, I am getting around to posting a few more old stories here. They have been posted in one or two other places before now, though not widely - but at least if I put things all in the one spot anyone who actually wants to read them has a better chance of finding them, don't you think?

Apologies to anyone who has seen this stuff before, I might get around to writing something new one day.

Title: Possession
Summary: Alexandros hears something he doesn't like and Hephaistion doesn't feel like making it easy for him. From memory, another challenge from Nicky.
Feedback: Open to it as always.

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Aug. 2nd, 2004 10:42 am
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A short while ago, my friend Nicky extended the story challenge that I write a piece that involved Alexander posing for a sculptor. So I did. This has been posted on his journal, so apologies to anyone who has been there and done that. But I thought, well, I set myself up this journal thing, I might as well use it to keep things in one place, right?

Title: All in the Eyes
Summary: We've covered that. This is total fluff - harmless fun.
Feedback: Should you feel the urge ;)

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Don't expect a lot from this. Doubt I'll even say boo. But you never know. Life's like that. Minds change all the time. Mine's seldom the same, one moment to the next.


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